• Transforming Ideas into Reality…

    We develop our own and subcontracted designs using the most up-to-date methodologies available for introducing a new product.

    Inspections and methodologies to guarantee the success of new projects:

    • DFR - Design for Reliability
    • DFSS - Design for Six Sigma
    • SS – Six Sigma
    • DFM – Design for Manufacturability
  • Tailored Manufacturing Solutions…

    Fast Prototyping

    • Rapid response time
    • Automatic SMT assembly
    • Automatic PTH and SMT soldering
    • Finished products conform to AVL

    Equipment for Fast Prototyping

    Automatic Pick and Place

    Automatic Pick and Place

    • Full automatic with computer vision alignment
    • Single axe precision: 0.002"
    • Speed: 1800 parts/hour
    • Smallest parts: 0402 in automatic machine
    • QFP, BGA, SOP, 0.5mm pitch
    • Working area 14"x17"
    • Automatic pick and place software with one down looking video camera, one up looking bottom view camera, computer vision hardware and software
    • Vibration feeder for bulk parts
    Selective Soldering System

    Selective Soldering System

    • Minimum 2”x2”, Máximum 12”x12” Z-Axis Accuracy/Repeatability +/-.002"
    • Speed 0-20 inches/min
    • X and Y Axis Accuracy/Repeatability +/-.002"
    • Speed 0-100 inches/min
    • Temperature PID proportioning (0-400°C) ± 2°C
    • Nitrogen 15-50 CFH @ 60-70 PSI
    • Automated spray fluxing system
    Reflow Oven

    Reflow Oven

    • Heating channel width: 300mm
    • Heating channel length: 1000mm
    • Entry clearance: 20mm
    • Conveyor speed: 200-800mm/minute

    Production of Electronic Controls in Low, Medium, and High Quantities

    • Rapid response time
    • Automatic SMT assembly
    • Automatic PTH and SMT soldering
    • Finished products conform to AVL
    • Application of conformal coatings and encapsulants
    • Automatic electrical and functional testing
  • Support for CMs and End Client…

    • Pre-engineered components and sub-assemblies
    • Sorting
    • Electrical and/or functional testing of component parts, and subassemblies and final assemblies
    • Statistical analysis
    • Replacement of component parts and modifications to the final product
    • Updating of software and hardware to prevent obsolescence
    • Partial or total functional verification of quality essential standards
    • Global tracking of materials
    • Technical support in error detection and analysis


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